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Got any grapes? (Then he waddled away)


Do all rooms have balconies?

Yes that is one of the items we enjoyed by staying at Holiday and you got your own balcony

Do they have smoking rooms

No, but every room has a private balcony with nice city views

Has anyone used the park and cruise option? (Stay one night, and leave your car while on the cruise.) Is there a shuttle to take you to the cruise port?

Hmmm.... I wouldn't do it.

do you have a pool ? indoor or outdoor ?

Outdoor and the view is amazing!!

What is the parking situation? Size restrictions?

Parking is $30 but you can easily find much cheaper options if you walk 5 minutes. I found a multilevel parking garage for $5 a day nearby.

is this hotel in a safe envoiromnet and no bed bugs

Very horrible hotel


They also have a medical rate and free parking if you are a member of the frequent guest program.

Can you park at the hotel?

Yes, park is in the rear of the building.

Do they have valet parking?


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